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LYNXTechnik AG | Broadcast Television Equipment
Yellobrik Complete range of modular brick products Utility, Basic Fiber and CWDM Fiber Solutions. Everything written right on the module - no manuals needed. 19" rack mount solutions with central and redundant power.
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Yellobrik Frame Synchronizers

Yellobrik Frame Synchronizer

The CHD 1812 is a versatile and compact HDMI to SDI converter with integrated frame synchronizer. It is an ideal solution for any application which requires a fully synchronized SDI input from an external asynchronous HDMI source.


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Yellobrik Mux/Demux

Yellobrik Fibre Mux/Demux

The OCM 1892 is a compact CWDM passive 9 channel optical multiplexer / demultiplexer designed to send or receive up to 9 individual signals over a single fiber link. The module has an UPG (Upgrade) port to connect to the OCM 1891, which expands the capability of the modules to 18 CWDM channels. 


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Yellobrik Test Generators

Yellobrik Test Generators

The SPG 1708 is a compact, versatile analog sync pulse generator with genlock providing Tri-/ Bi-Level video sync and audio signals. The module offers three Tri-Level sync outputs, three Bi-Level sync outputs, and a separate Audio Sync output, with 48kHz Word Clock or Digital Audio Sync Signal (DARS) capabilities.  
LYNXTechnik greenMachine

LYNXTechnik Green Machine


greenMachine® is a powerful award-winning 4K/UHD/12G multi-purpose processing platform. It is the ideal reconfigurable toolbox for studios, OBs, remote production and any other media facility that requires AV signal processing.


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HDR Playback Ki Pro Ultra Plus
HDR Playback Ki Pro Ultra Plus
HDR Playback Ki Pro Ultra Plus
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